The CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring and control System is an AI-based, computerized image processing platform based on a multi-spectral sensor array offering analytics in both the visual and thermal fields. The solution is both elegant and efficient, offering increased control over smoke stack function, more accurate determinations of irregular cases, reduce the use of steam and improved data points for researching incidence of poor combustion efficiency.

Key features of the solution:

lack of flame-Icon.png

Detects presence of smoke within
0.3 seconds

Detects lack of pilot flame (cases where flame goes Off )

Live multi-spectral display
of the flame

Autonomous 24/7

7-year-video-storage-Icon .png

Redundant 7-year video storage

Seamlessly integrated into enterprise SCADA systems, loop based connectivity, ensured cyber secure interference


Audio-visual alerts


Report generator for easy search of events


Client-server architecture to support multiple users


Autonomous adjustment of steam injection


Autonomous configuration


Full redundancy

99.99999% uptime is guaranteed

CLEANFlare block diagram

No downtime with flare at installation or maintenance

The CLEANFlare system is installed and maintained remotely from the flare (Class I Division 2 per IEC 60079 IEC ) and never requires that the facility shutdown production nor will it cause any disruption in facility operation. Furthermore, the optical sensors can be installed up to 1 mile from the flare stack, so they are not subjected to extreme temperatures, elevated hazard levels nor to the accumulation of soot, thus the system requires little to no maintenance and requires no special permits for installation.

Intelligent Accuracy

CLEANFlare represents a departure from previous iterations of thermal camera and visual analytics solutions. Where earlier solutions rely upon the camera's heat sensors to draw conclusions, CLEANFlare relies on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to understand the flame's behavior and to decide whether the flare emits smoke as well as if it is there at all.

Upon installation, CLEANFlare begins a brief period of autonomous configuration in which the system's image processing module studies the activity, behavior and peculiarities of a flare stack. It learns how a flare should act and behave under a variety of different circumstances and can discern between a healthy flare and an unhealthy flare. The CLEANFlare system is unaffected by either wind or inclement weather, clouds or sun. Since the system is using multispectral imaging technics, as opposed to thermal sensors, CLEANFlare is also unaffected when it is directly in line with the sun and the system continues to generate accurate measurements even when the combustion efficiency of the flare plummets.

Cyber Security

CLEANFlare was designed to work in accordance with a strict, regulated information security paradigm.
The system was designed to meet ISO 207001 compliancy.

Water mark on all stored video

Physical protection and tamper sensors on all outdoor sensor cabinets

No data lines are shared with legacy IT systems

Optical isolation between the organization's SCADA system and the CleanFlare system.

Encrypted DB

Firewall protection, VPN from each of the sensors to system core

Access to system's visual feeds and reports are via SSL communication over web services or via dedicated client

User name and password authentication