Simplicity, elegance, compliance and potency, the CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring and Control System offers enhanced factory management and peace of mind.

Installed remotely from the flare stack and boasting autonomous operation, the solution provides  24/7 protection. The solution operates under all weather conditions, providing continuous and accurate monitoring of all flare stack activity.

Unfettered by weather, exposure to direct sunlight, high stack temperatures and the extreme conditions within the stack, CLEANFlare utilizes advanced, AI-based video processing representing a revolutionary new approach to monitoring compliance that mitigates environmental stresses and helps management comply with mandatory regulations.


Established in 2006, Production Technology LTD supplies SCADA, safety and security image processing solutions to clients over a broad range of industries. With installation base of 15 countries worldwide, the company and its products have successfully tackled the most demanding environmental conditions offered by both industry and nature in addition to managing client's cyber security needs and leading various large-scale integrations.


The company is led by team of seasoned professionals with both operational, technical and management skills.




Mr. Gamil is seasoned executive with more than 40 years’ experience in the management of large-scale teams, investment in the automotive industry, leading successful business transformations under his role as Group CEO of Magal Engineering until its successful sale. “Arlington Industries Group raises £45million facility for growth and acquires the Magal Engineering Group. Following the acquisition, Arlington Industries Group will have global revenues of more than $230m and over 1,000 employees as it looks to continue its expansion initially via a new purpose-built facility in Slovakia and further acquisitions with a focus in the USA." Said Mr. Magal.


In 1987, Mr. Magal was part of the management buyout (MBO) of Coventry Pressworks, he turned the company around from a position of regular losses to making a profit enabling the business to become a showcase for European companies.


He led a turnaround of Rearsby Automotive Ltd, and Adwest Steering. Once again managing change to breakthrough results in both quality and profitability.

With his passion for renovation and technology, Mr. Magal has joined Clean-flare and successfully leads its management team

Kobi Jacob

Founder & CTO

A technology expert and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Jacob has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the leadership of all aspects of medium-size organizations including management, sales and business development, operations, industrial and line production management, engineering and loss prevention.

priorn to his position as CTO and founder of Clean Flare LTD, Mr. Jacob had served as the acting CTO of the RTNC Group, a technology integration and incubation consultancy firm, where he has overseen numerous projects and the successful implementation and integration of myriad technologies.

Prior to joining the RTNC Group, Mr. Jacob served as the CEO of Recognix Technologies, an image processing-based solutions provider. Mr. Jacob concentrated the majority of his time and effort in project management resulting in the dramatic expansion of the company's international activities and domains.


Mr. Jacob holds a BSC in Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Robotics from the Technion, Israel's premier technology institute of higher learning.

Nir Snir

Chief Of Operation

Mr. Snir  (Ret. LT Colonel) is an International logistic and operation expert with  15 years of project's implantation for governmental entities and governmental agencies around the world.

Prior to his current position with Clean-Flare, Mr Snir was holding Key positions with world leading companies, among his positions and the achieved experience and success stories, one can count the following:

COO of RTNC group providing large scale infrastructure and equipment to African and Far East governments. 
Head of maritime and land division at Mitrelli group's HLS International defense group.

CEO of Telesite Telecommunication Infrastructure, where he was responsible for the deployment of Angola's cellular network and national backbone.

CEO of EVI, engineering company, chosen to lead Better Place infrastructure deployment of Israel's first national electric vehicle project, and other engineering and large scale infrastructure projects.

Over the years Mr. Snir run various overseas projects and operations with large logistic complexity and mega financial challenges.


Mr. Snir has served within the Israel Special Forces as LT Colonel, he holds  a BA in Business management & information Technologies and MA in Governance specialized in Terror and Homeland security .